[Feature Request] Force NTP to IPFire internal

Some Devices you cant change the NTP Server they use. So its a good idea to force all NTP to IPFire internal. I prefer a GUI switch :wink:

I do not think that it is right to “hack” things right this way.

Whatever that device is, file a bug report with the vendor and get it fixed that way.

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Can’t you just redirect all NTP traffic to ipfire with firewall rules?

Sure, but thats not a GUI switch :stuck_out_tongue:

Its no problem to do it with a rule.

Why you change your mind about this?


He did? This topic has nothing to do with a checkbox that auto creates a fw rule to do so. :upside_down_face:

But I agree: this checkbox may be usefull.

Edit: ah it’s you again who likes to knick tulpen! :hot_face: If you still do I don’t agree with you at all :triumph: :rofl:

Thats true.


So i guess he dont like a switch and also no rule about anymore :wink: