Feature Request - DROP toggle

Forgive me if this isn’t a well-informed question. I’m new to using Suricata. The way I understand it is when you go to customize a ruleset in the IPS and then click Show on a specific set, it presents you a checkbox list of everything in the ruleset. If the rule is disabled in the ruleset by default, then it doesn’t have a checked box. But checking the box allows it to become enabled. Yes? So in a way, what it does is act as a toggle that overrides “#alert” versus “alert” in the ruleset. Right?

Along these lines, then, would it be a nice idea to add to the UI another checkbox or toggle that would toggle back and forth between alert/drop ? Just like how the ruleset shows which rules are enabled/disabled by default, might it be interesting to have another toggle that would do the same thing but for alert/drop? (This would be separate from the “monitor traffic only” option.)

My use case would be if I’m using a ruleset, say the ET community set, and I know I want one specific rule to drop, that this could be easily set in the webgui. Have I made a good argument for this?

Edit: Also, is there currently a way to configure this outside the webUI? The only thing I’m finding in Google is about the suricata-update python module.

Edit 2: Wait, am I dumb and misunderstand the box for “Action?”

…or at least have something in the customize ruleset menu that indicates what action the rule is going to do when it’s enabled (alert/drop). Currently the only good way is to get into the command line and manually check the specific rules file.