[Feature Request] Allow multiple interfaces assign to a role, policy lookup and reproducible building

Dear IPfire developers,
I am an IPfire and Fortigate user, Fortigate has multiple features that I think will be perfect if we have the same.
1, Allow assign an interface to multiple roles.
For example I can assign 2 interfaces to WAN for SDWAN, or assign 3 interfaces into LAN role with different or same subnet range.
2, Fortigate has an interesting function called “policy lookup”. It allows you to input source interface, protocol, source address and destination address in a dialog box, it will search and shows which policy match first. It would be nice if we have it.
3, Reproducible building. It is very important for reproducible build for security of Open Source software. If we can join this project to prove IPFire is reproducible will be very ideal.https://reproducible-builds.org/
Thank you