[Feature Request?] add-ons for IPFire + Pi 4

Trying IPFire 2.27.159 with a Pi 4 (4GB) that I happen to have one sitting around, and I found a few things that should be good to have?

  1. qemu + libvirt => both are not available in pakfire, so I guess it would not be too hard to add them? my target is to have a single VM running docker, with IPFire as host
  2. g_ncm and g_serial kernel modules => seems both missing; with other distro, I found g_ether can do ~200Mbps (~130Mbps with IPFire) and g_ncm can do ~350Mbps, so I guess g_ncm on IPFire should give me ~200Mbps
  3. any chance that IPFire uses f2fs as rootfs instead of ext4? or some way to convert it?

Thanks in advance

Could you please open a bug report on https://bugzilla.ipfire.org?

Why? What does f2fs do better than any of the other file systems that are available?

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Thanks for replying. I’ll see how would I firing bug there.

For f2fs I would say its advantage is more specific on overprovisioning and more flash friendly write, which is only relevant to flash drive (and particularly sdcard which my Pi 4 runs on). Don’t think it should be an universal case.

However, there is not even a module compile for it on IPFire (at least not on the ARM flash img), so I cannot try it (of course that also means I would need f2fs-tools). Perhaps the easiest is to keep ext4 as of now, but with f2fs available such that one can mount a f2fs partition on dir like /var.

Information to add a bug report in IPFire Bugzilla:

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I googled a little bit and must say that I do not think that F2FS would be a life changer:


IO performance absolutely does not matter for a firewall, and if you have flash that does not survive being written on you should simply buy something better. Flash is cheap and does not have to break.


Just found my time to try, but may I ask an easy question over bugzilla…
How may I log in, or register? Orz

Yes, I am just looking for better write endurance, as I did see someone’s sdcard dies in a week under heavy load some years ago. IPFire seems to write quite a bit of log, hence why I asked.

Use the email address and password credentials that you used for IPFire People in IPFire Bugzilla.

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thanks. somehow I dunno why I cannot login using my credential, but now it works :slight_smile: