[Feature Request] Add GUI option to OpenVPN to change topology

I’ve setup my third ipfire application these days, mostly used in combination with OpenVPN - which is great. But quite some time I’ve struggled with the topology settings.

The default behaviour of the clients is to use net30, however according to OpenVPN the recommended setting is to use topology subnet (Topology - OpenVPN).

Since there is no option in the gui, you have to add it manually in the config file. And if a person stops the server, changes configurations in the gui und restarts the server, the settings are lost.

Furthermore, if you change the static ip address of a client via the gui, the ccd-file is also altered and the subnet-masked is changed (always to net30).

It would be nice if we had an option in the gui to change the topology.

Hi and welcome to IPFire,
this topic is currently in here beneath some themes --> https://lists.ipfire.org/pipermail/development/2020-October/008407.html under discussion since the 2.5 version marks net30 as deprecated. We would need then to convert existing connections (cause ifconfig-push in CCD) which can be a more complicated part if we want to ship --topology subnet in general but this will be made with the upcoming Core updates sometime after 2.5 has been released in IPFire.



Hi Erik,

thanks for the hint! I’m looking forward to it in the future core releases!