Fcrontab - strange entries


quick question: are those marked lines correct? Just discovered them and they look strange to me.

Hi @hellfire ,

The nice bit is setting the job priority compared with doing other jobs. the number can range from -20 (highest priority) to 19 (lowest priority). So this is setting the priority lower than other normal jobs that may be running so that they are not restricted.

The bootrun part means that if the system was off when these should have been run then run them when the system is booted. This ensures that the jobs are not missed because IPFire was switched off at that time.


Ah, I see so there nothing wrong with it - thanks for this information!

May I add a question, related to fcrontab:

I’m trying to backup fcrontab entries with a line in fcrontab itself:
30 23 * * * bash fcrontab -l > /root/fcrontab.backup

However while exeuting this command manually this works perfectly well, when it gets executed by cron the content of the file is empty.

Maybe I’ve overseen the obvious?

I’m not certain but it might be that the whole command needs to be put in “” otherwise the spaces may confuse it.

I seem to remember having a similar problem and after adding the double quotation marks I have had no problems but it was a time ago.
Try it and see if it helps. :crossed_fingers:

remove the bash

should be

fcrontab -l > /root/fcrontab.backup