Fcron.daily not running

Hi folks,

on a 2.23-x86_64 Release 138 the fcron.daily doesn’t work. fcron.minutely and fcron.weekly are running fine.
Tested with a script that generates a txt-file. Working fine weekly and minutely. But nothing happens daily.

Any ideas?



OK, after changing fcrontab-entry for daily from 27 1 * * * to 40 9 * * * it seems to run.
Now changed it to 20 2 * * * and I’ll check that it is running after this chaning anyway.

Is the file marked executable?

The crontab file might be overwritten by an update, so I would not recommend to change it manually. The log files should show when the job has been executed and state a reason if that could not be done.

Is there a process hanging from an earlier call?

As I said: file runs within minutely and weekly cron.
And it is possible to execute it manually.
And it works with the change within the fcrontab, as I wrote.
Will be watching whether it runs with the config “20 2 * * *”.
And if it runs, I’ll update to 139 and have a look again on the cron.