Fast WAN connnection change

we just have two different providers for our internet connection. One “productive”, fast connection and one “backup” connection. Is there a chance to configure the backup connection in ipfire so that we can switch to this connection witch just a few steps?
We do not want two use both connection for loadbalancing we just want switch the connection as fast as possible if our productive connection does not work. Is there any faster way than change the network config via ssh?
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have @ look at 2 WAN interface / 2 internet providers


Another option that occurs to me is to put a small Switch on the WAN and put the Backup Router in the same range as the Production Router and when the Production Router fails, via SSH change the Gateway from the IPFire to the Backup Router.

This is manual. I personally like the option that @anon65703081 provides better.


Thanks for your reply @anon65703081! We do not use dial in connection we use fixed ip addresses so there is no need to dial in. I think your solution is not a solution for me, right? :wink: