Fall OpenVPN question

Hey. I have been using IPFire 2.19 (x86_64) - Core Update 120 on ESXI + OpenVPN for almost 2 years. But there was a problem. Disconnects every 25 minutes openVPN. The Internet continues to work. And users fall off for a few minutes. Where does this load come from?

Is still Core 120?

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please consider upgrading your IPFire system as soon as possible. Core Update 120 is not the security level you want to run a firewall at; please retest this with the latest version of IPFire.

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Peter Müller

The problem is in ESXI. “Datastore” rises in sync with Load Graph Average…

Sorry, i did not understand what you’re meaning, @frostsp. What are you trying to say?

Problem not with IPFIRE, problem with ESXI or DATASTORE

Thanks for clarifying this. :slight_smile: