FAILURE message after power loss

Hello all, one of our IPFire machines went down from a power outage and upon booting back up is receiving an array error messages as seen in the uploaded picture. I am not on-site and can’t SSH into any firewall interfaces (Red/Green) so access is very limited and I apologize for not being able to post the text lines. Our plan is to reinstall at this point since we seem to be dead in the water with this machine but I just wanted to get some insight into what could have potentially caused this/ potential fixes, thank you in advance!

Hi Trevlyn,

I am not one of the developers but I would hazard a guess that the sendprofile is a script that sends the fireinfo information to ipfire. The lines in the log seem to point towards the sys filesystem which show the root mount points and sizes etc.

for example my root dev is:-

/sys/block/sda/size and it contains 67108864 ie the size of the disk.

Is it possible you have a damaged filesystem?

If you can get onto the machine and do a config backup and a rebuild you could restore it.
Alternatively maybe take a tar of /var/ipfire.


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Thank you for the response Joe, that was our suspicion but we ended up onsite doing a rebuild/restore and things are back to normal


Hi @trevlyng, @jjdoran and all,

tonight after updating to core update 152 I rebooted IPFire and a similar message appeared :

Stopping SSH Server…


you should not be reading this error message.

It means that an unforreseen error took place in /etc/rc.d/rc6.d/K30sshd, which exited with a return value of 4.

If you’re able to track this error down to a bug in one of the files provited by ipfire, please be so kind to inform us at

Press Enter to continue or wait a minute…

Note : In my case, the message disappeared during my subsequent reboot attempts (without restore)… I’m not sure if the issue was or not already present before updating IPFire.

Hi Steph,

this seems to be weird indeed.

In case the error persists, please do not hesitate to open up a bug for this so we can track this down further. :slight_smile:

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

This is a known problem if you update IPFire while an SSH session is running. Core151 ship a new ssh server that replace the old binaries but there is a curent session runnung which fails to terminate at reboot.

Edit: typo changed from 152 to 151

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Hello Arne,

why is there nothing in the release notes that the SSH server has changed in Core 152?

You write that this is normal when updating to Core 152 via SSH. But I have the same problem when I reinstall Core 152, only activate SSH and restart ipfire via SSH.
Can I still ignore the message completely? Does the message always stay now?

Ups. This was a typo. core151 exchange ssh and if you update from an older version to 152 you get this error if there is an active ssh session while updating.

You can save ignore it but please open a bug for this. Looks like the shutdown script is not working in all conditions.

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