FAILED running virtually on BAREMETAL

My ipfire install is running directly on hardware but FAILS as if it is in a vm.

Any idea’s?

ipfire runs on a pc with two network cards or can run in a virtual environment (VirtualBox or Proxmox) with 2 virtual interfaces. See ipfire wiki pages … - Oracle Virtual Box


Its on a pc with two interfaces not in a vm but on boot it fails virtual test

what is a “virtual test” ? Many run ipfire configurations on a pc with 2 interfaces, the red is connected to the host network or DHCP from your ISP and the green is your LAN.

Whrn booting on local pc you see services loaded etc. One item is a test to check if you are running in a virtual machine and my install says I am as the test fails. When installed on virtualbox I get the same failed message. Unless i am missing something

Here’s the wiki how to install ipfire … - Installation


I am not having installation issues.

I am making it known that the POST message ipfire gives during boot to notify the user that the installation is on a VIRTUAL MACHINE is displayed all the SAME ON PHYSICAL HARDWARE!

Is it possible to take a picture of that message and upload it here?


If the message is

“IPFire is not running in a virtual machine.”

then this only comes from the openvmtools addon initscript which means that it is trying to start openvmtools which can only work if it is present on a virtual machine.

To stop this message being seen you should uninstall the openvmtools addon

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Thanks Adolf that was the problem.