Fabiatech FX5624

Actually (since many years) I’m running IPFIRE core 141 on a Fabiatech FX5624
The box still fullfills all my needs and performance is ok.

But I wonder if I can still upgrade (or re-install) the latest IPFIRE core versions.
If I recall well, newer cores no longer support some hardwares, but I’m not sure if it was 32-bit or other hardware-options.

Reason why I should like to know which core is the last I can use (although pakfire says that there is a 141->151 upgrade available).

Looks like this box based on a 32bit Celeron M-600

It is not recommended to use 32bit anymore but it should still work.

Hi Arne,

Yes, correct : jpldgkidkajlphon.png

But isn’t there a PAE/non-PAE or MBR/UEFI issue too ?

Does this mean I can still upgrade to core151 but also do a fresh install of 32-bit core151 ?
I don’t want to get stuck if afterwards it becomes clear that a fresh install is no longer possible, and my backups not downwards compatible.


32bit IPFire is not support uEFI at all. PAE/nonPAE is no problem on a platform that support only 2GB Ram.

But off course this system should replaced in near future because the 32bit support in linux is not really supported anymore…