External backup

after the umpteenth taste to the machine running IPFire, for reasons not yet defined, but I think it’s a problem with the electricity grid
I asked myself a question is it possible to back up the system on an external medium rather than on the internal disk, in this way in case of failure you can use the saved backup instead of redoing the whole configuration from scratch

Feature request: scheduled backup forwarded via SMTP. With encryption.

it would be great when it’s available

There are several options to copy the IPFire backups to an external or remote hard disk in the IPFire wiki.

rsnapshot is the most recent

There is a line about backup with links in the optimization/miscellaneous section of the wiki

Automatic backup with rsync and USB-Harddisk.

I use the bacula backup option across all my machines, so I have the bacula file daemon addon installed for that and it backups files I specify to my centralised bacula storage daemon via the director daemon.

BorgBackup is available as a backup tool and can store the files to an external hard disk.


From the Web User Interface (WUI) you can save the backup of all your configuration files on the disk where you open the WUI. For the restore, you still need to install a new IPFire machine but as soon as you can access the new WUI, you can restore the old configuration file.

For experimentation purpose, I also created a mirror image of the internal HD on an external USB disk, and adapted the image to the different size of the external disk. This way you do not need to reinstall anything, you just need to boot from the mirror disk.

rsync, rsnapshot and mirror images can cover several scenarios for delivering fast disaster recovery, but do not put automatically offsite the configuration, unless public receiver (or VPN) is available.

With all of the backup systems below I send the backup to an external hard drive (local backup).

I started with a heavily modified version of this:
(this is rsync based)

Then I moved to this:

And I just changed to this:

I like rsnapshot the best.


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thanks for the information, now I decide which path to take among the recommended ones,