Export/Import Networks and Network Groups

Looking for a feature to export and import networks and network groups to share. My list is quite extensive as I have been building it as a result of perusing my web server logs.

Hi Scott.
Maybe the files in folder /var/ipfire/fwhosts

If I understood correctly.



Yes, that is what I am looking for. Thanks Tomas!

I rembered another possibility:

Go to WUI System → Backup
Then download .ipf file

After download
rename .ipf to .ipf.tar.gz

Then you can extract the folders or files you need.


You don’t need to rename the file. Just run the command

tar xvf 'backup_file_name'.ipf

and it will extract the file to your current location.

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And today this is the best news about iPfire. :smiley:
After unresolved failures from Squid.


ps. After changing to .ipf.tar.gz, I can use mc to look inside the .ipf file.