Exoscale first instance not connecting

Have installed the Exoscale IPFire v157 per the wiki but login SSH failed: .

Support is “Built In” may mean no free support, and the support email fails. Not encouraging.


I just read the installation documentation for IPFire on the Exoscale cloud system and it appears you might be encountering difficulties in completing the first step, which involves SSH access via a public IP. Here are a few steps I would consider to troubleshoot this problem:

  • Verify Local Network Setup: Ensure your local network within Exoscale has been properly created as an unmanaged network.

  • Check Static IP Allocation: Make sure the static IP address has been correctly allocated for the RED interface of your IPFire instance.

  • Review Security Group Settings: Confirm that your Security Group is set up to forward all necessary traffic to IPFire. Incorrect rules or incomplete setups could prevent SSH access.

  • Instance Status: are you sure that the IPFire instance is running and in a healthy state?

Assuming that you do not find any obvious configuration mistake, according to exoscale documentation you need to figure out if it is an issue related to the infrastructure (is the instance running, is the network all right, and so on), in which case you write to support@exoscale.com or a an issue of the template, in which case you contact Support - Lightning Wire Labs Store

Thanks for your reply. That doesn’t appear the problem. The Account was suspended even though a credit card was on file (Strange 1). When I closed out of the working instance the account was plus $20, and the instance was turned off because SSH did not find it (Strange 2 - $20 disappeared when the machine was off). Exoscale has emailed and will likely answer the questions.

Regarding trying to SSH into the machine. That is a feature of the Instance. Next to the ashy bog: ssh[setup@] is a button to connect. When I choose the button the SSH terminal opens automatically and tries to connect. Then the fail.

I am not sure if this is any relevant information but I see that in the link Cfusco provided above, IPfire version is running core149.

Version Details

IPFire on Exoscale is available in the following versions:
IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 149

Hi Peppe Tech. The image below may explain the problem and has been submitted to Exoscale Tech. I don’t think it gives anything away:

Eventually SSH connected. However, it broke often: if there’s no good reception … tune me out,

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Looks to me that perhaps the instance hasn’t been maintained since uploaded ?

Thank you for your insight.

Have installed version 157 and it is “running”. Now can not figure how to open the GUI. Does the images that follow help?