Execute script after each reboot

Hi everyone,

I have a script that I want to execute automatically after each reboot of IPFire. I’m looking for something similar to ‘@reboot’ in the crontab on Ubuntu or a systemd service. Is there any way to achieve this? Thanks for your help.

Hi @mogholami

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Place your script in the rc.local script.

See the rc.local Docs page


thanks a lot dear @bonnietwin.

Hi @mogholami ,

IPFire uses fcron which supports the @reboot shortcut. Please refer to the documentation:


Also check out this post about the recommended way to use frcron in IPFire, especially Adolf Belka’s answer:


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I appreciate your help, @binabik.

BTW, the difference between @reboot in fcrontab and rc.local is, that the crontab entries aren’t really executed at reboot but after start of fcron after a reboot. The rc.local file is integrated into the startup sequence.