Ethernet adapter not detected on Intel NUC

I am trying my first setup of IPFire and am using an i3 Gen 10 NUC.

It has an l219-V Ethernet adapter on the main board and Im using a J5 create USB ethernet adapter as the second adapter.

I have booted into Linux Mint to check both adapters, and they work.

When I run through the IPfire setup it will not detect the onboard adapter only the USB.

Any help as to where to go next in determining whether I can get the l219-V adapter in IPFire to work would be much appreciated.

Also is there a way to get into a shell while in the middle of the set up ?


In short, no, the installer is a binary.

Most likely cause of your problem is that the “driver” for this relatively new ? NIC is not in the older Linux kernel, that is currently used by IPFire. As a short-term fix, simply use a second USB ethernet adapter.

Thanks Rodney, That makes sense and has got me up and running

Now you’re up and running, it would be useful to see what the system journal, /var/log/messages, contains WRT your I-219V ethernet adapter.

It seems that the I-219V isn’t that recent and that the correct driver is e1000e. However, I have found references to “NVM checksum is not valid” errors occuring with this adapter and driver, eg hardware - Intel Ethernet Connection I219-V not working under Linux on an ASUSPRO B laptop, e1000e driver reports: "The NVM Checksum Is Not Valid" - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange (Note that the original post is over four years old.)

Unfortunately, if this is the problem, you might need to wait for the IPFire devs to patch the driver. (It’s not easy to build a new driver on IPFire as they are cryptographically signed.)

Hi krasnal

Affraid im not that familiar with searching for driver messages, I have looked for “e10001” and “I-219V” with no result in /var/log/messages. Are there any specific strings that I can search for?

AFAIK you should look for e1000e. Was e10001 a typo into your post?