Eth red random or cyclic DNS-IP-Address-List rotation

Is it possible to get at eth red, an random or cyclic DNS-IP-Address-List rotation, for the IPFire outgoing DNS requests ?

Meant is :
Usualy send requests to first DNS-IP-Address of the DNS-IP-List, to resolve domain name there .
If it is not possible to get an answer, next DNS-IP-Address of the DNS-IP-List will be asked to resolve the IP, and so on … till get answer, or it ends with no a result .

That resolve “day for day” at same first DNS-IP-Address of added DNS-IP-List if it is reachable .
Other DNS-IP-Address in the IPFire DNS-IP-List, kepts as an failover use …
People add many DNS IP’s to DNS-Server option of IPFire on red, but no an load blance use or
else of wherefores and reasons or benefits are in use ?

Is there a possibility or an script, to add option at eth red DNS-IP-List, ex. “Enable Random” or “Enable Cyclic” use,
for time rotation of outgoing DNS requests of X of time ?
At least after the IPFire “daly morning reconnect” schedule, there should be a chance change the DNS-server for eth red … turn
through the DNS-list .

By the way, same can be done to the NTP-IP-list of IPFire ?

Thanks in advance for hints

This may true for the first request but the second request go to the second forwarder. (load balancer)
Unbound collect also answer times and set priorities to not use very slow server.