Error messages in Log Summary

Hi guys.

Since making many previous versions, I see that this error always appears, regardless of the date I choose:


Any ideas?.


Is this with CU180 or with CU181 Testing?

In my CU180 I don’t see any problem.

Are there files present in the /var/log/logwatch/ directory? What permissions and ownership do those files have if present?


I have just tried it with my CU181 Testing system and I find the same as you as that directory is completely empty. I have just checked the CU180 vm that the CU181 Testing was cloned from and it also has no logwatch files.
On my vm system that is because it is not normally running during the night and the logwatch files are created via fcron at 00:05 each day so I have no logwatch files.

Is your system showing the problem running 24 hours or not?

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Phew, how right you are. I didn’t remember that I had IPFire turned off from 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. the next day.

Could the time at which the LOG is generated be changed?


You can change it in the fcrontab from 00:05 to 07:05 or whatever you want but it could be reverted when a core update is carried out but probably only when fcron is updated.

I think the time is chosen so that 5 minutes after midnight the log summary for the previous day will be available.

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