Error in unbound-dhcp-leases-bridge

Affects: IPFire 2.27 core update 167 and later

In commit 091cb62 of 2022-04-04 an error was introduced into unbound-dhcp-leases-bridge, function read_settings:

@functools.cache property

Function read_settings returns a collection of variables. With the same argument to the function, the same collection of variables is returned. So far, so good. The error is that the VALUE of one or more of the variables may have changed after the collection of variables was cached, i.e., the cache may have become stale.

Example: The administrator changes the DHCP domain (“Domain name suffix”) in the IPFire web GUI.

Fix: Remove the “@functools.cache” property from the definition of function read_settings.

IMO this is a case for
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