Error in ipfire log

I have several errors in the system report, are they serious and repairable?

<27>udevd[541]: ignoring invalid mode '@DEV_KVM_MODE@'

FAT-fs (sda2): Volume was not properly unmounted. Some data may be corrupt. Please run fsck.

random: 1 urandom warning(s) missed due to ratelimiting

**Unmatched Entries** No inittab.d directory found

Requests with error response codes
    401 Unauthorized
       /cgi-bin/index.cgi: 11 Time(s)
       /graphs/iptraffic/ 2 Time(s)
       /graphs/iptraffic/ 2 Time(s)
       /graphs/iptraffic/ 2 Time(s)
       /graphs/iptraffic/ 2 Time(s)
       /graphs/iptraffic/ 2 Time(s)
       /graphs/fwlog-ip467062.968601571.png: 1 Time(s)
       /graphs/fwlog-port59672.0921612395.png: 1 Time(s)
       /graphs/vnstat-5-green0.png: 1 Time(s)
       /graphs/vnstat-d-green0.png: 1 Time(s)
       /graphs/vnstat-h-green0.png: 1 Time(s)
       /graphs/vnstat-m-green0.png: 1 Time(s)
       /graphs/vnstat-s-green0.png: 1 Time(s)
       /graphs/vnstat-t-green0.png: 1 Time(s)

Warnings:Host (fix0) has static and dynamic mappings, remove other: 32 Time(s)

thank you

Is your installation virtualised?
If yes, are all devices defined and mounted right?

no my installation in apu4c4 in ssd

This is a kernel message. I believe it is saying that the kernel can run in virtualised mode but as you are not it will ignore the mode. So it is just an informational warning, not an error.

This indicates that at some time you had a usb stick or some other disk drive formatted in FAT that was disconnected before it was unmounted. The warning here is that you might need to check that drive for potential corruption. This is not related to the IPFire disk drive as that runs in ext4, xfs or reiserfs depending on what you selectd when you installed IPFire originally.

With the words Unmatched Entries I suspect there were some more lines in the log after this line that listed what the unmatched entries are.
This would suggest some programs that are supposed to be started or stopped, depending when this message was created, were found not to have an entry in the initttab.d directory. That is either a corrupted error on the disk or a permissions problem.

This and the subsequent graphs lines suggest a permissions problem. Did you find these after an upgrade or when?

This indicates that you have set a fixed IP lease on the dhcp page but that ip ( is also within the dynamic range that you have defined on that page.
Any fixed lease ip’s should not be in the dynamic range. See the Note: under IP Address in the following wiki page/section

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ok i have intalled with a usb stick it must be so

how to solve this

after ipfire 157 to 158 upgrade

I would like a fixed ip for a pc and use dhcp for other devices if possible
thank you for answer

I think I found the solution for the dhcp
I have changed the ip

no error

No don’t use It is in your dynamic range of to

Use any number from to

Then your fixed ip address will not be in the dynamic range.

Having a fixed ip in the dynamic range can work but at some time in the future depending on various circumstances you could end up with a problem where your pc will not be able to get its fixed ip because it will have been given to another machine as a dynamic ip.

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Tell us what the list of unmatched entries were in the log. Then we can compare that with what you have in your inittab.d directory.
So also provide a listing of that directory

ls -hal /etc/inittab.d/

Then based on what we find we can decide if this is related to a permissions problem or to something else.

Were the following two entries in your log at or shortly after the upgrade from 157 to 158 was carried out. We need to see if those errors are related to that upgrade or come from prior to the upgrade.

I have changed dynamic range of to a dynamic range of to
but is not good i change to to if you can confirm, thank you

Maybe there is some confusion here on my part. To clarify for me.

When you said

Did you mean that you had changed the fixed IP lease for your PC from to

or did you mean that you changed the dynamic range start address (Addresse de debut) from to

return of the order

# ls -hal /etc/inittab.d/
ls: cannot access '/etc/inittab.d/': No such file or directory

i have look a permissions a /etc/inittab.d/
is /etc/init.d 0777 Is it good?
i have look etc/inittab.d there is such a thing as

i have changed the dynamic range start address (Addresse de debut) from to

Okay. Then that should be okay then. You then have your fixed IP lease set still set at and no longer overlapping into the dynamic range.

So is that working for you or not?

yes thank you

That was my fault for not looking in the directory structure first.

As you point out there is no such thing as /etc/inittab.d/ and this is why there is a message in the log about the directory not being found. In that case I thing that message can be ignored unless you are having a problem with programs starting or stopping when doing a reboot.

So for this message

Are you having any problems with being able to see any of the graphs?

no problem with graphs

you underline, the /etc/inittab.d/ directory does not exist
if the /etc/inittab.d/ directory is working I’m in with winscp
i have look a permissions a /etc/inittab.d/
is /etc/init.d 0777 Is it good?

That is good to hear.

/etc/init.d is symlinked to /etc/rc.d/init.d and this is why it shows up as 777

You need to check to the directory that it points to /etc/rc.d/init.d

This directory should have permissions of 755

yes i have look /etc/rc.d/init.d permissions of 755 its ok for 755

i have in log
kvm: Nested Paging enabled
kvm: Nested Virtualization enabled
its ok or no?

IPFire has the ability to run virtual machines using addons.

It looks like the processor you are using in your IPFire has the capability to run nested virtualisations.

This means that you could have IPFire in a virtualised system (not recommended for production systems, only for development test beds) and then run another virtualised system inside that.

However you are running your system on a physical machine and you don’t have any of the virtualisation addons installed so the kernel has the capability but there is nothing to use that capability.

So I don’t think there is any concern about it.