Eliminating web proxy from system

Hi all,

I have an up to date IPfire system running now for almost 10 years with Squid in tranparent mode. Since web access today is 99% encrypted and I have enough bandwidth, I have decided to get 100% rid of the web proxy.

My question is, what is the best way to achieve this?

The web proxy has been configured using these settings:

  • Enabled on GREEN = true
  • Transparent on GREEN = false
  • Enabled on BLUE = true
  • Transparent on BLUE = true

So I basically need to know if it is sufficient to uncheck all checked options, restart IPfire and uninstall Squid with pakfire or are there more manual steps to follow, especially regarding firewall rules?

Thanks for your help!

Uncheck all the boxes on the web proxy page and then press the Save and restart button.

As all the checkboxes are unchecked then this command will stop the web proxy.
You can check this on the WUI menu Status - Services. The web proxy should show as Stopped in the top table after doing the above.

You can’t uninstall it as the Web Proxy is a core program but if it is Stopped then it will not be doing anything.


Thank you! I will follow your description an report here should I encounter any anomalities.