"eg" - helpful console tool from Github

Eg gives examples of command line usage perhaps more understandable than the manual (or --help).

Below is the project mentioned in the May LinuxMagazine 2022:

More detailed information on the project page:

I think it can be helpful not only for beginners.



example of du --help command

example of ed du command



thanks for your post. I assume you propose to include this as an add-on?

No offense intended, but I would rather abstain from that, since we’re already having trouble maintaining the current petting zoo of add-ons. With regards to manpages being omitted to keep the distribution as slim as possible, such an add-on would also raise the discussion whether or not IPFire should come with offline technical documentation (beyond the web interface).


Sorry to disappoint, and best regards,
Peter Müller


Ops! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I already corrected it. :smiley:

Dear Peter, where did I write that it must be an embedded add-on? :thinking: :wink:
Ok, that would be cool. But not as an embedded add-on, but for installing.
And the user will decide if they need additional help.
Half joking, half serious:
If software has additional help, it can be more “user-friendly”.
If something is more “user friedly”, the user has less problems - then he can help himself.
Less user problems means less problems reported to the forum.
Less problems reported on the forum means more time for the developers.
More developer time means better code, better documentation…
Better code, better documentation, etc. means less user problems and better “user-friendliness”

Worth remembering: Point of view, depends on the point of sitting. :smiley: :wink:

More seriously - I think the priority is to release version 3.

Best regards


The wiki should be our help system.
Since some time there are nice links on (almost) every page of the WebGUI.
If the wiki is incomplete or not ‘user-friendly enough’, each user registered with IPFire community can enhance this documentatio
Don’t be afraid to try. Each modification is reported on a list read by devs and mods, thus errors can be corrected quickly. And yes, it is just less effort to correct this input than writing a ‘user-understandable’ article, if you know the background. :wink:

BTW: Most users manage their system mostly with the Web interface. If I do some administration task on the console, I search for the Linux man pages in the web. Almost same information with less disk usage in the IPFire system.
Just my opinion.

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