Easy book to understand firewall configurations and addons

Hello, I installed my first firewall in my internal home network.
My network is pretty simple:

modem-ipfire (rpi4) - router (access point) - internal lan (no servers, just clients)

Now I was reading that there is a possibility to configure a dns proxy, url filtering, dnssec, ids/ips… Actually I don’t know very much in detail the importance of these configurations.
I read the wiki but unfortunately I need more information in order to understand better… someone please can advice me an easy book where I can learn more about those configurations?

thank you!

There are many books that will give you a lot of insight and basic understanding of how firewalls and networks work. I have read quite a few.

Having said that, the given scenarios and examples in most of those books are often way more complex than your own real life hands on network, so that is a bit of a showstopper for me so far. And, unless you focus on getting books for software that is big enough to have its own book, like PFSense, Zyxel, Ubiquiti and OPNSense, among others, you will sadly notice that no matter the theory, when it meets the INTERFACE you have in front of you, it is hard to get a grip and understand it fully. Even having those book. That is the sad truth.

The simple question “What do you want to achieve?” paired with a simple answer “Do like this” is something I have yet to come across in this business.

Frankly, I have more use of ChatGPT for many of my related questions.