Dropping connection while browsing. Please help a begginer, thanks

Hello All.

I am completely new user to ipfire. Been wanting to try it for years, but never took the jump until now. I have had it installed for few days now with default settings to play with so as to get a better understanding before modifying settings.

I have a Red, Green Setup.

Green connected directly to browsing computer via Cat 6.

Red is connected to ADSL modem that is also a semi router/switch via Cat 6. This modem has four port with IPTV Connected.

Right now I can connect to the internet and load pages. But after random amount of time the pages will time out. It could be the exact same page that i just happened to reload and it will not connect. I have checked the firewall logs and see that at or about the same time the ADSL Modem appears to be sending out a Multicast command, which is appearing as Drop_Input.
DROP_INPUT red0 2 source = Destination =

It could just be coincidence as that multicast appears to be happening every few minutes.

Not sure if i should be setting something up better on the ADSL to cooperate better, but i did try separating it via DMZ on the ADSL modem which seem to increase browsing speed, but no improvement to stalled/dropped connection.

Unsure what the issue is and where to even look as i am completely new to this. I have spend last few days clicking on the in GUI, trying to find more information to no success. I have also searched for troubleshooting guides and read forums on similar issues to no avail. Must Guides found are for setup, but does not have much in the way of basic operation and troubleshooting for newbies. If anybody has a link or website to forward that would be great as well. Right now i could really use a push in right direction to get me back on track. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You

Can somebody provide some insight, reading material or tools to help me diagnose this issue? I am completely new and need a push in the right direction if possible.


You missed to disclose to the forum your network setup.
I know only:

  • is the subnet of your router.
  • is the subnet of RED interface of IPFire

But i dont know the subnet and the address of GREEN interface, or the address of RED interface, or of your ADSL Router.

No enough and useful info, no way to analyze the problem, no way to creates hints and suggestions.