DROP_INPUT from orange to orange?

I try for hours to get a connection from local machine (green to a motioneyeos raspberry (orange DMZ) but it just will not work out. I set as DNS.

It works out fine on normal router but on ipfire orange as there is no-go

E.g. why is this INPUT being dropped within DMZ Zone - i have no rule to deny that.

DROP_INPUT orange0 UDP 45502 53(DOMAIN)

I’m experiencing the simiar issue in “blue” and have no clue…
See also: Strange DROP_FORWARD messages within same segment


it looks like your GREEN and ORANGE zone share the same subnet (

Please assign different subnets to each other - does not have to be a full /24, although this is the most common setup -, reboot your firewall machine and try again.

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Peter Müller

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No, green is and orange

But thanks for the guess.

There is no DNS on Orange.

Devices in Orange need other DNS like

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