Download / Dumpt Latency Logs

I recently asked about how to see latency logs as Im having major problems with my broadband line.
The isp is trying to help but does not have enough to get BT Openreach involved.

I can see the graph as one of you kindly told me is under status , network other and called gateway graph.

Is there a way I can download it, make a human-readable file I can give to my ISP.
If there are any other logs, info etc I can get which would help them fix the problem, please tell me.
This side of IT is not my specialist area, I used to write unix device drivers, bios and pcode etc and only have limited networking experience.

Since the last chat , Ive brought new PC’s, which are i7’s, 16 Ram.
Which permits me to run the latest version, which shows as :
Update 170 , 22.27

Thank you for your help, my connection is almost unusable due to dropped packets and sometimes lost carriers.

Many Thanks

The data for the graphs is in rrd files.

There is a dump command which will give you an xml file. You would probably then need to filter it with a perl or sed or xxx method or import that data into a spreadsheet to get rid of the xml parts you don’t need

run the following command

# rrdtool dump /var/log/rrd/collectd/localhost/ping/ping-gateway.rrd gateway.xml

the first command after the dump is the source file for the gateway ping graph. The second is the name of the file you want to dump the data to. I just called it gateway.xml without a path so it would go into the current directory where you run the command from. You can also add a path to it.

Couldn’t find anything to get the data dumped directly into say a text or csv format unless someone else knows of a method but at least you get the raw data which could then be filtered to get just the data.


Found this perl script that someone has created to take rrd data and put it into csv format for excel analysis. That might help you.


Thanks, I have the xml. The convert did not like it but that’s no big deal, I know how to do parsing in java. Im also just learning PHP, at a guess that will have parsers.
Having the data is the important part.
Thanks again.