Donation & privacy

Hello guys,

I would have be glad to donate for Christmas (as, if I remember, after installing IPFire in place of my old IPCop), but I DON’T WANT to give my name, address, etc… to your “donations provider”; as I am already registered here, isn’t it possible ???
I even can send a bank cheque to an address YOU (confident guys) give me.

Please …
Hmmmh… ? :wink:

[ Many, many thanx for this great everyday job! … and excuse my french English ]


welcome to the IPFire community and thank you for indenting to donate. :slight_smile:

In case you prefer not to relay your data through a payment provider
(which I completely understand and try to avoid as well), you can also
donate via bank transfer/SEPA.

Please refer to for the
project’s bank details.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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Hi Peter,

Quick reply … and exactly what I expected from you ! :slight_smile:
[ Not about the speed, but the content ! ]

So, I feel really happy to learn that a SEPA transfer is possible.
As you offered, I’ll go read the link you pasted.

Be sure I’ll send you at least 50€ (I’m – unfortunately – not a rich man) because
you really deserve it, no doubt for me. I say again : « IPFire is a great job », always
in progress.

Thanks for you quick (and clear) answer and … « Tschüüüß ! » :wink:



It’s me again, :slight_smile:

just to signal a little typo on the page you pasted.
It’s in the § « What will be charged to my credit card? », in the first
sentence :
“Donations by credit card from other countries my be subject […]”
I think you wanted to write it :
" Donations by credit card from other countries may be subject […]"

My 0,2€.

Tschüß !



thanks for your replies.

That typo has been reported and will be fixed soon. :slight_smile:

Compared to our average donations, 50,- € is actually quite much. Thanks a lot for doing so. :slight_smile:
We are currently looking for recurring donations since they are a more stable funding basis than a pile of money arriving at the end of the year.

So, instead of donating that amount once a year, would you mind splitting it up and donate a smaller amount monthly?

Either way: Thanks a lot!

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

Hello Peter,

wishing you – and the whole community and staff – a happy [herm… hoping so]
new year !
[I’d not seen your reply “in time”, only now]

I promise I’ll think of a monthly donation. :wink:

Tschüß !