Donation Failed

Tried to make a donation. After submitting All info, got a Lighning Wire Labs Internal Error #500 Oops something went wrong message. BOO Lighning Wire Labs !!!

Have done it via

I have same “error #500” during donation process.
It’s not the first time. I have tried few days ago with same problem.

Hello guys,

thank you for your (attempted) donations. Our payment provider had some issue and I have contacted them. Could you please try again?

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Tried again and got same error message (#500 Oops something went wrong).
First attempt was with a Visa Card, second attempt was with a World Elite Master Card.
I have used both cards for international charges from the USA.
I wonder if Lightning Labs or the banks are allowing access 24x7, or not ?
If not 24x7, then what hours and time zone ?

Perhaps you could accept payments from PayPal ?
I suggest adding the “Donation” button to the IPFire Community Title Bar.

donation still not working…
after redirect to Visa site .

Error 500

oops, something went wrong

I am on it :slight_smile: Apologies for all of this… Busy busy busy

tried to donate … error 500 oops something went wrong.

Hello guys,

so, we had a series of issues here:

a) Some issues at our payment provider’s side. No idea what was going on there, but it seems to be resolved.
b) They have added a new API for “3D Secure 2.0” which I had the great pleasure to implement on our side. That is now done, and donations under a certain threshold should no longer see any 3D Secure verification any more.

Could you guys please try again?

Thank you very much for helping to make IPFire better!

Even though my attempt said oops, I saw the charge on my cc.

Good News it now works !!! But … It may not work depending on the security features of your bank CC. Chase Bank Visa regards Lighting Labs as making a fraudulent charge and kills the transaction and sends a message to your phone. US Bank Visa sends a text message to your cell phone and allows you to complete or kill the transaction.
Now that it works… please add the “Donation” button to the Community Title page.

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Yes, we hear that occasionally that cards from the US usually would not pay for anything outside of the US. A quick phone call to your bank solves this normally.

Hopefully we will soon be whitelisted when enough people have donated to us :slight_smile:

Please get in touch if you have any difficulties donating to us.

My donation worked this time.
Thanks for your job.

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Hello guys,

Now it is the 3rd time I try to donate this year using a credit card. I get always the error message. I tried two different cards, same result. I would like to avoid PayPal.
I am located in Switzerland.

Hopefully I am yet the only one with that issue.


Hello Luca,

apologies for the trouble. What I can recommend it contacting your bank.

If there is a technical problem, we will show you that “payment is currently not available”. If your payment was declined, we have contacted your bank and they have decided to not authorise the payment.

The most common reason is that the card is not authorised for international payments.

One call can change that and you can then try again.

We would also prefer credit card payments because of lower fees compare to PayPal and credit card payments are somewhat more privacy-friendly.

Also thank you for supporting our project!