Does Net-traffic collect IP address based throughout?

I see that net-traffic provides usage by interface (red, blue, etc). However I’d like this data to be further broken down by IP address. For example, to answer the question: for all tx data on red, show breakdown by ip address.

I’ve read that net-traffic data is collected by collectd. Does the collected data include the IP address of clients connected to ipfire (for all interfaces)? If so, how can I extract this data?

I’m happy to do this via CLI if someone can point me to the tool to extract the data and where the data is stored.


I am not sure about this. You may need to research…

This is what I used:

Below is a link to a similar topic

Thanks. I wanted to avoid using another collector, hoping the data was already collected just not displayed. This may not be possible.

Are you collecting permanently at the IP level on the red interface? What is the CPU usage like?

Thanks for the link. I’ll look into iptraf-ng and pmacct.

I am sorry for the VERY late response!

I am collecting info on the Green Interface.

To me it is not too bad. I am not sure how to measure since it only grabs data every 15 minutes.

Here is what I see on the menu Status > Services WebGUI page.