Does IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 141 support STK9100CLQG-BLUEW2310U wifi/bluetooth card?

Hi, appreciate community. I’m going to use a Kupa X11 Pro Tablet PC as Ipfire server and It have a Bluew-2310u wifi bluetooth card combo, the card is not working and I’m going to buy a replacement. This card is Bluetooth/wifi combo. I have tested Broadcom BCM94313HMGB, but only works Bluetooth, not wifi. I’m checking the wiki
In the following image you can see the card came with te tablet (Bluew-2310u) and the card that I tested and It only worked Bluetooth in windows 7 (Broadcom BCM94313HMGB)

And this is the card I like to buy, Stk9100clqg Bluew-2310u Wifi/Bluetooth Card to buy

I need one that works with Windows 10 too.

I think Bluew-2310u is linked with my Kupa and I think another only works Bluetooth, but I’m going to test other cards if you suggest other cards. Thank you, ladies and gentleman!

I have no idea the support for ipfire is for this card.
I have a wifi/bluetooth card and support for this card was hardware
possibly bois dependent never worked for me in other aplications {linux desktop}.
Good luck

What is your wifi brand and model?

Get a Atheros card. That’s probably the best choise for wifi cards to be run in access point mode.