Does IP Fire support ramdisk mode?

When IP Fire starts I see something like loading ramdisk, does the entire IP Fire run from ramdisk or only that initial stage? Is there a way to make it run from ramdisk, I have 4GB of RAM, this might save 60GB SSD I installed IP Fire on?

You are probably referring to the initial ramdisk, which is part of the Linux boot procedure.
IPFire does not support running in ramdisk mode.

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Save your SSD?

It is best to invest in hardware that supports writing to it. You want to have a paper trail of what IPFire is doing and that should survive a sudden power outage.

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Could there a feature which allows some important logs to be written to the disk as when needed and some not so important logs to be written at some user configurable duration like every 30 minutes, etc.

If you select the file system “ext4 without journal”, during installation, that minimises writes to SSD and ext4 is also “SSD aware”. If you really don’t want a swap space, then install by unpacking the downloaded img.xz file to your SSD, but be aware that:

  • it might not write logs until reboot/shutdown
  • any unwritten logs will be lost on a power failure.


technically, yes. However, there is little advantage for this and it will probably make debugging more harder since you never know which log has been written at a certain time.

Please consider buying a better SSD (if that’s where the problem is) or setting up a dedicated logging server instead.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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