Does ClamAV/SquidClamAV work correctly? Core-Update 170


I am testing the operation of ClamAV/SquidClamAV but it is not entirely clear that it works correctly. I explain.

I have installed SquidClamAV which has installed the ClamAV dependency. There, all correct. I have waited for the ClamAV Signature File to be downloaded and I have activated the corresponding module in the Proxy:


In Services, everything appears correctly:

Now it’s time to test if it works or not. Ok, I agree to download the “Eicar” Test Virus in “HTTP” and this appears (¡Pruebe si realmente su antivirus lo está protegiendo!):

It seems to work! But on the same page I repeat it again, downloading the same file again and wham, he eats it with potatoes.

It is detected by the Windows Defender of the Windows 11 that I have.

It is no longer detected on this page unless you delete it from your browser’s temporary files.

Is it normal operation?

Greetings and thanks.