DO NOT allow DHCP IP assignment for certain MAC?

Is there a way in GUI so NO IP address assignment is made via DHCP for certain MAC defined client ?

Or it is possible only in bash via IPTABLES ?

Purpose: blocking of certain mobile phones or other unuseful devices which consumes dhcp address range and/or blocking of devices without mac address (as seen in dhcp reservations list)

I have created rule at first position that blocks group which contains my phone mac - but the phone gets assigned… only has no web connection… and that is not enough - it stealed one ip from dhcp range

There’s no way to do that via the dhcp page.

You could do it via the Blue Access page (I am presuming you are connecting via wifi into the Blue network) by specifying the mac addresses for those clients that are allowed.

The only other way I can think of would be to change the password for access to the wireless network and not give the new one to the phones etc that you don’t want to have access.

Eventually you can do it over the console:

You have to put all known clients in a list and if your phone is configured to use a static address in your network it can use it because it does not know the dhcp server…
Another point is the “new feature” from Android and IOS with the “private” MAC addresses. If you have devices with this feature and these devices should use your dhcp server then you have to disable the feature to have a static MAC.



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