DNS Resolution in Green Network doesn't work properly

Hey community!
i just installed ipfire.
Everything worked fine except the DNS resolution.
On the console i’m able to ping any domain-names and IPs.
Out of the Green network, i’m only able to ping WAN IPs.
My setup looks like this:

WAN — [FritzBox] — — Red [IPFIRE] Green —— [CLIENTS]

Client Setup:
Gateway -
DNS Server - ? or ?

Green Interface:
DNS Server - (Fritzbox)

Red Interface
IP -
DNS Server - (Fritzbox)

IP -

How does a correct DNS Setup look like?
How do i use the DNS i get provided by my ISP?
I want to avoid &

Thank you very much in advance!

Gateway is wrong. It has to be the IPFire IP. I guess

Both should work but i would use becaue IPFire check DNSSec signatures.

There is no way to use it automatic because the Fritzbox doesn’t tell the ISP Servers.

Also keep in mind that IPFre reject to use DNS Servers that not work with DNSSec.
So if your ISP or the Fritzbox doesn’t deliver SIG answers IPFire will not use it.


It’s a typo. is configured.

So to be safe, i have to add a Public DNS server manually?

On the DNS page in the webgui you can test the servers. If the ISP Servers fail you have to use a public server or remove all server and run unbound in recursor mode.