DNS no answers after update 167

hello ,
i updated ipfire at 12h40,
4 time this afternoon i have no dns ( no respond ) ,
internet work , i got video from twith working ,
but i open new windows to annother site or chanel
and i got error dns , but video dont stop

but i want to go youtube , i have dns no respond on chrome
i try to refresh but same ,
and after 5/few minute all work back …

during this time, no problem to go to the ipfire interface.

can i do something during the probleme ?
to get a source of probleme / log ?

in log all i see is hardisk down in T° …

Hi - I am also having intermittent DNS issues.

I had previously been running core 158 until March 4 and had no noticeable DNS issues. On March 4, I updated from core 158 to core 163 at which point I started noticing occasional DNS failures, both in the browser (as described above) and when testing with nslookup or ping. They typically resolve by themselves within a few minutes. Other TCP connections continue working, so I know it is not a general internet failure.

Today I updated to core 167 in hopes that the issue would be resolved, however it is still occurring.

(One thing I can mention, since I saw reference to it in other forum messages: I am running IPS with “Talos VRT rules with subscription” currently on rules dated 2022-04-28 12:52:03.)

What can I do to help debug this?


i just removed ipfire ,
this one have block my serveur since 2h
and i just see it now …
i got to web interface of ip fire and all look good
i check serveur log , ( dns not work… cant reach adress xxx … )

Hi all,

thank you for reporting this (or these, since I am not sure how many of them we’re dealing with here) issue(s). At this time, I am unaware of Core Update 167 introducing general DNS problems, and nothing like this showed up during QA for this update either.

@flatounet: Since I am having trouble to understand your issue in detail, could you please provide:

  • a screenshot of the DNS configuration page of your IPFire’s web interface
  • the output of the command grep "unbound:" /var/log/messages executed on your IPFire
  • a screenshot of the IPS configuration, if you have the IPS enabled

@dzenc: Based on your description, you are suffering from an unrelated issue. Does temporarily disabling the IPS cause a difference for you? If so, please try to disable the Talos VRT rules and enable something else, such as Emerging Threats, and report back whether that makes a difference as well.

Thank you in advance, and best regards,
Peter Müller


Thank you Peter. (Great software, btw!) I will see if changing settings resolves it.

One thing I realized is that for the PC that is temporarily losing access to DNS, it is not configured to use ipfire as it’s DNS server (and never has been), instead this PC is going directly to the external DNS server. I will try to get a packet capture during the next failure to see if something is getting lost and if so, where.

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