DNS internal / External

Hi !

I’m hosting my own domain on an external dns.
I update my dyndns A records via Ipfire interface.
So e.g. for my smtp i update smtp.domain.tld…
but i also use this host internal but with my internal ipadress… this is the reason why the entry on the dyndns page is always red (i guess because ipfire check external address and get as result the internal address)
so in internet i get for smtp.domain.tld 87.xxx.yyy.zz but internal 192.168.0.x
is there a possibilty that this feature always use for name resolution an external dns server to get this entry to green ?

Ciao Gerd

This is just a visual aid to show if the entry is up to date. There is no harm if it isn’t as long as it resolves to the correct IP address from the internet.

maybe ist possible to hide this entry…

Ciao Gerd