DNS errors on enabled servers but sites resolve normally


Checking my dns enabled I got error too, but in my case the sites resolve normally. Although I setup the dns in my wired local machine instead of ipfire, wifi takes dns from dhcpd in ipfire whitout problems.

I don’t know say if this appears after the upgrade to core 160.

Hi @feles

If you place your mouse pointer over the word Error you will get a pop-up that gives the error message. You can look in the System Logs under unbound on the WUI or grep /var/log/messages for unbound on the console and see what the logged error messages are.

Your overall status marked as Working (Recursor Mode). When none of your enabled DNS servers are working then IPFire looks to work in local recursor mode and this is why you are still able to resolve sites.

I just tried and in TLS mode and both are working fine on my system.

The logs will give the clues on what the problem is.

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Thanks Adolf,

When I point the cursor over “error” the pop up says “No TLS hostname given”

Does Quad9 support DNS over TLS?

We do support DNS over TLS on port 853 (the standard) using an auth name of dns.quad9.net.

Quad9 pass the check.

What are the hostname for and

The hostname is cloudflare-dns.com

This can be found in the right hand column of the wiki page on List of Public DNS Servers

If there is no entry against a second IP address then it means that the hostname is the same for both IP’s.
Some DNS Server providers use the same hostname for both IP’s and others use a different hostname for each IP.


Thanks again Adolf. I’m going to test this right now.



Topic separated into separate post as the two posters look to have different issues with their DNS servers.