DNS Blocking with core 141

Out of interest: I’m using this script https://github.com/sfeakes/ipfire-scripts to block ads on my local network.

Will this script still run with core 141?

Yes, I have been using the script mentioned in a modified form since Core Update 136 based on the information from this link …


… and it is still in use with the Core Update 141.




This will be implemented in core 142, no?.

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Ok, so no issues appeared after your upgrade to core 141?

Regarding the question of Roberto: I assume that at least with core 142, this script may be obsolete then. But this question is left to the developers…


Hi Hellfire,

at the moment the script is not causing me problems.



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I wrote a script for ads/tracker’s for unbound. I don’t know if it’s possible, but who knows how to create something like PfblockerNG

I’ve been using the https://github.com/sfeakes/ipfire-scripts to block adds for years. Only issue I see with it is you must stop the “intrusion prevention system” to apply it or update it, then you can start the intrusion prevention system back up. Currently running release 147.

Hi Wayne,
I^m also use release 147 with this script and facing some troubles since I change the IPS from inspecting to dropping of packages.
Do you manage the handling and the updating of blocklist and IPS via script (so you can automate it with CRON)?
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I don’t use the IPS in inspection mode and update the sfeakes script manually. Seems like I rebuild the firewall at least monthly but often twice a month and thats about the only updating I do to the add block. It works great. Used to do my add blocking by updating hosts files on pc’s, this is much easier.

I wrote a script. Work well via fcrontab and Suricata. Smoothly. I’m trying to organize a pixelserv with perl and lighttpd.


for the records, I just want to stress again that we do not recommend to tamper with DNS that way.
You are free to run such scripts on your IPFire machines, but if they cause trouble, we will most likely not work around them.

You have been warned… :wink:

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Peter Müller

What is the recommended solution, proxy? For a home wifi network it is very laborious.
Please, I need documentation to clarify the damage with adblock in the DNS. I am very open to knowledge.