DMZ rule issue with Core-Update-Level: 148

Good morning,

after the update to 148 (Testing) the provision of services that are in the DMS no longer works.


In the DMZ there is a Web server that can only be accessed via HTTPS. For this purpose, a rule has been set up which allows incoming requests from the GEOIP area DE to an IP address from the DMZ area.

In plain text:

GEOIP:DE:443 -> Orange:

I have also tested this rule without success:

Red:443 -> Orange:

Does anyone have an idea how I can fix the problem without reinstalling?


Please give more details about the rule. (Full source, destination and nat parameters)

Currently I have set this configuration:

In the log of the firewall I see the request but it is rejected:

OK, found the problem! My bad… :upside_down_face:

If someone makes the same mistake, here is the correct configuration: