Distutils in Core 109/110

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in advance - I am a security researcher and specifically need Core 109 or 110. A newer core version is excluded due to certain parameters.

I have been trying to install the python distutils for some time now.
From core 121, pakfire seems to find the version and is able to install it.
Is there a way to get version 109/110 to work?


I am a security researcher and specifically need Core 109 or 110.

may I ask why?

Anyway: Please refer to

for archived Core Update 109 and 110.

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Peter Müller

It should be for an internal training about pentesting.

Sorry, i have expressed it badly. I already have a VM running Core 109, but I still need a special python script. The core 109 version of IPFire does not have the python distutils on board and pakfire can no longer find releases of this package. Unfortunately I have not yet found a way to get pakfire to run with this version, so I contact the community and ask for help.

Is the target of the pentest IPFire?
Then , why do you want to alter the system? Why do you install as VM?
This test doesn’t really give reliable results. How do separate problems of the (very!) old IPFire system from those induced by your alterations?

The installation as a VM is done to keep the lab simple and manageable, but has nothing to do with the problem at hand.

The basic version of the IPFire is used as the target of the penetration test, but it shoul also serve as a jump host into another subnet. However, I would like to offer several options, e.g. SSHuttle, which only works with the corresponding python disktools.

The existing vulnerability in version 109 or 110 (2017 is not that old…) so is very well suited to illustrate how such problems arise and can be used for a penetration test.

ipfire has never shipped python disktools or diskutils as addon.

If you need an addon for core109 you have to clone the git, checkout core109 and build itself.
in packages folder are the files after build. This are normal tar files that can manually copied to the system.

pakfre is not supported for core109 because it is old. We only ship the needed files for update to current version but im not sure if core109 can download it because we force https now so it may to late now…

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Thank you Arne.F, that point will help to solve it!


I’ve seen there was a typo in my request because i need python-distutils and not diskutils.
I found a version from 2014/2018 on a ftp server as python-distutils-2.7.3-2.ipfire and and tried the installation as described in Addons. Obviously this leads on both files to an error: “This look not look like a tar file”. Did i do something wrong?


The solution was that older IP Fire addons were encrypted using gpg.
The topic can be closed.

Not only older. If you download the addon it is gpg encrypted. If you build it from source not.

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