Dialup label update?

Something that looks like a legacy of times long past.
Is it time that the “Dialup” label is updated to something more modern??


What is wrong with the word ‘dialup’?
PPP protocols are dialup protocols.

‘WAN’ would be wrong. There are other WAN connections, mostly DHCP based.


OK so WAN isn’t a good choice either but I think it is likely there are people reading this who are too young to have seen an actual dial-up modem. I don’t recall seeing a dial-up modem running for at least 20 years.


I agree with Bernhard, and think it is a good idea to stick the technically correct term.

Regarding dial-up modems: True, the ones that go “beep boop beep boop” are pretty much extinct nowadays. However, in countries such as Germany, DSL still is the internet connectivity method - which involves a dial-in procedure, although we cannot hear it anymore. :slight_smile:

Yes, the term reminisces of a past. However, if you use IPFire on ARM devices, you may need to set up a serial connection to it, which is also pretty much a thing of the 90s, but still works today.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller