DHCPCD going crazy

It’s doing crazy things, shown below. Loosing RED and its connection (Internet). Again and Again.

07:56:05 dhcpcd[8280] : dhcpcd-10.0.4 starting
07:56:05 dhcpcd[8283] : DUID 00:01:00:01:2d:28:55:47:f0:d4:15:57:48:74
07:56:05 dhcpcd[8283] : red0: connected to Access Point: MMworx_WAN
07:56:05 dhcpcd[8283] : red0: IAID 15:57:48:74
07:56:06 dhcpcd[8283] : red0: soliciting a DHCP lease
07:56:07 dhcpcd[8283] : red0: probing address
07:56:11 dhcpcd[8283] : red0: leased for 3600 seconds
07:56:11 dhcpcd[8283] : red0: adding route to
07:56:11 dhcpcd[8283] : red0: adding default route via
07:57:10 dhcpcd[13011] : sending signal ALRM to pid 8282
07:57:10 dhcpcd[13011] : waiting for pid 8282 to exit
07:57:10 dhcpcd[8283] : received SIGALRM, releasing
07:57:10 dhcpcd[8283] : red0: removing interface
07:57:10 dhcpcd[8283] : red0: releasing lease of
07:57:10 dhcpcd[8283] : red0: deleting route to
07:57:10 dhcpcd[8283] : red0: deleting default route via
07:57:20 dhcpcd[13011] : pid 8282 failed to exit
07:57:21 dhcpcd[15126] : sending signal ALRM to pid 8282
07:57:21 dhcpcd[15126] : waiting for pid 8282 to exit
07:57:31 dhcpcd[15126] : pid 8282 failed to exit
07:57:32 dhcpcd[16193] : sending signal ALRM to pid 8282
07:57:32 dhcpcd[16193] : waiting for pid 8282 to exit
07:57:42 dhcpcd[16193] : pid 8282 failed to exit
07:57:43 dhcpcd[16762] : sending signal ALRM to pid 8282
07:57:43 dhcpcd[16762] : waiting for pid 8282 to exit
07:57:46 dhcpcd[8283] : received SIGALRM, releasing
07:57:46 dhcpcd[8283] : main: control_stop: No such file or directory
07:57:46 dhcpcd[8283] : dhcpcd exited
07:57:46 dhcpcd[17060] : dhcpcd-10.0.4 starting

I sent you logs to GPT4 for analysis and this is the summary.

In the logs provided from an IPFire user, the DHCP client daemon (dhcpcd) successfully starts and goes through the process of connecting to a wireless access point, soliciting, and then obtaining a DHCP lease for the red0 interface. This lease acquisition completes without issue, with the daemon configuring the necessary network routes and setting up a default gateway based on the leased IP address. However, approximately a minute after the successful lease negotiation, an unexpected behavior occurs: dhcpcd initiates the process of releasing the leased IP address and removing the associated network routes. This action appears to be untriggered by any user command or manual intervention, suggesting an abnormal behavior within the DHCP client’s operation.

Following this unexpected lease release initiation, the daemon encounters problems with process management, specifically highlighted by its attempts to send a SIGALRM signal to a process that fails to exit as expected. The daemon makes multiple attempts to terminate this process, but each attempt fails, leading to repeated warnings in the log. This issue culminates in an error message indicating that dhcpcd cannot find or access a necessary file or directory, followed by the daemon’s exit. The close temporal link between the unexpected initiation of the lease release and the process management difficulties suggests these events may be related, indicating a singular underlying issue affecting dhcpcd’s operation. This situation points to a complex problem within the DHCP client mechanism, potentially involving software glitches, configuration errors, or unexpected system or network events that disrupt the normal DHCP client operation.

Please consider to update to version 10.0.6 with the next release.

It is already in Core Update 184.

Hoever searching for some of the messages in your logs in the dhcpcd issues in their github finds nothing related.


I know, but I still hope. However I guess it’s related to the same issue/warning when shutdown IPFire → DHCPCD couldn’t be stopped.

That behavior - connect and reconnect many times - happens from time to time and then suddenly stops. Just as this morning again.

@xperimental maybe you could go upstream and submit your logs to their bug reporting system.


I updated to 184 and the problem still exists.

@xperimental Hi

If your internet connection is on coax cable, check for faulty cable splitter.
I fixed a friend similar problem, found faulty splitter with a broken solder as the root cause.

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It was not updated.

I see it saying dhcpcd-10.0.6 starting in the log you show.

What makes you think it wasn’t updated?

Oh my bad it was 4 before. I was thinking about 8.

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