DHCP Range in ipfire

I new in IPFire!!

how can I define the DHCP range in ipfire? an example: my device always gets a different ip when I log into the LAN/WLAN. Now I would like to use the internet with it. I only have one red and green zone. The DHCP Range is - 179. the rest has a static IP addresses.


I suppose the device gets a ‘dynamic’ IP out of the set {, …, }.
With the same MAC and not so many devices ( using GREEN only, you should know whether 70 devices are on the LAN ) the device should get the same IP all the time.
Are your static/fixed leases outside the dynamic set?

I usually have about 40 devices that are in the DHCP range. Now I could set the leasing to 9999min. That would fix the problem, wouldn’t it?

The lease time doesn’t really change it.
The IP isn’t valid anymore after the lease time, if the client doesn’t renew the lease.
But if the same client, identified by the MAC, requests an IP afterwards, it gets the same IP ( if it is not leased meanwhile ).
With 40 clients and an IP set of 80, that should be possible.

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