DHCP for ORANGE zone?

I might have missed this, but

Does the ORANGE zone get a DHCP in IPFire too?
I enabled ORANGE later on and when I did I do not get a DHCP server for the ORANGE zone in the WUI
GREEN and BLUE only

No, static only.


also see the Notes on the DMZ wiki page:



I missed this page.

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I want to explain this case ( didn’t check whether the information is already in the wiki ).

  • the orange network is for servers reachable from ther WAN
  • to accomplish this, it is necessary to define port forwarding rules in the firewall
  • the firewall ( iptables ) operates on IPs, so it is necessary that the server IPs are static ( in case of a DHCP server they may change ). This is true even when using a dedicated DHCP server in the orange network.