DHCP: Deny known GREEN clients from obtaining IP from BLUE

Hi folks!

I’m using GREEN for my home network, and assigning fixed DHCP leases to known devices with a small pool for unknown devices. The home network is a mix of wired and wifi with WPA-2 password.

I’m using BLUE for my guest WiFi network (no password, throttled, etc).

Is there a way to prohibit all fixed-lease clients on GREEN from obtaining an IP address on BLUE? I want to prevent the kids from simply choosing to connect to BLUE to circumvent the protections (web proxy, url filtering, etc) on GREEN.

I see the “Deny known clients” option for DHCP for both GREEN and BLUE, but it isn’t clear if that will deny all known clients from both BLUE and GREEN, or just known clients from the same network only.


It will deny all known clients from green or blue from getting a dynamic lease from blue if it is ticked on blue.

That is what I have on my system and occasionally I want to test my blue network with one of my green machines with a fixed lease and it often takes me a few failed attempts to get an ip before I remember that I have the “Deny known clients” ticked.

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Thanks - enabling “Deny known clients” for Blue works like a charm!


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