Dhcp.cgi partially broken -- now fixed

I’m not sure what happened (and don’t recall doing anything to cause it), but I can no longer make updates on the “DHCP Server” page. The page will display with no problem but if I try and make an update (e.g., add dynamic lease to fixed lease, update fixed lease, etc.), as soon as I click the “Update” button I get a blank screen. The DHCP server itself is working as it is reading the fixleases file and assigning the correct IP address. I just have to manually update the file (and dhcpd.leases file) and restart the server. It’s only a little extra work to do it manually but it would be nice to do manage DHCP through the GUI.

I’m not a Linux guru but I’m pretty comfortable with the command line and file system. I can update any other networking page (hosts, DNS, etc.) without a problem. Incidentally, the “Ipfire” system log (in the GUI) shows I edited a fixed lease but nothing actually happens.

Anyone have an idea on where to look for what’s causing the dhcp.cgi script to crash?

Sorry, can’t reproduce this.
I just updated a fixed lease.

Same here.

Please enable fatalsToBrowser by removing the # from line 26 and 27 of /srv/web/ipfire/cgi-bin/dhcp.cgi to see more debug output.

I found the issue. Filezilla wasn’t showing me the owner/group column but I changed it from root to nobody and successfully updated a fixed lease.

Thanks for the tips.