Dealing with a 2nd internet connection

Hi all,
besides our main internet connection (via a cable modem), my wife has a relatively slow DSL line as a backup (the cable used to be very spotty, years ago). I would like to use this DSL line (accessible via a Fritz!Box router) as a “hot spare” or - if that is possible - to take some of the load.

Is this something that is doable in IPFire? I moved to IPFire from PFsense and one of the reasons was the extreme complexity (for a regular guy) of some of the settings. PFSense apparently permits this type of routing, but unfortunately, I never got it to run.

Thank you!

This is been asked so many times in the past. You don’t have a dual WAN option in IPFire.


Thanks for the info, @xperimental - I wasn’t able to find anything in the forum, so I asked.

Thank you @tphz - that’s good news and certainly something to look forward to!