Deactivate ALG VoiP

There is a simple question, but I can’t find the solution. Where can I deactivate the ALG?
I need it because the telephone system 3cx find an activated ALG on my IPfire. And because of that I need to deactivate it.

ALG has been removed from ipfire some versions ago. Are you sure it’s not the other way around? Some telephone systems need ALG. So they will not work with ipfire.
See here:


All ALG’s were removed from IPFire in CU155 back in March 2021.

Which version of IPFire are you running?

If it is after CU155, what ALG is the telephone system flagging up as being enabled?

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I found out why the 3cx System detects a SIP ALG. I was confused because I saw in the older forum entries that how you guys said, that the SIP ALG has been removed at the Version 155. The Problem was that one port was not open the 3cx Secure (UDP) 5060. Because of that the 3cx detect an SIP ALG. As always thanks for your help!