Datestamp on ISO backup is gone

While preparing for the 183 update I did my usual backups (on 182) and noticed that the date stamp for the ISO backup is no longer generated when creating backups.

I am not sure when this functionality was removed, maybe on 182, but I take the opportunity to request that date stamps should always be part of the backup name regardless of what you are backing up, an iso, wio, guardian, any installed pak.

Datestamp is still being generated for the *.ipf file, but no name.

Sure, you can see creation dates in file system and what not, but that is not really the same.

Requesting some consistency.

At my informations there is nothing changed on isobackup.

It should download the official iso without date-stamp and then build the new one with the date-stamp from the download and the normal *.ipf.
are you sure that the process was finished.

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Oh, yes it was finished.
I usually wait several minutes before downloading all backups to off server storage.

And suddenly the timestamp was there… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Wait, there are two ISO backups.

These are all my current backups in IPFire.

There should be two. But the one with the timestamp should be larger than the other one.